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An example of CNC Racing’s stunning work.



Imagine a staff of technical excellence united by a passion for motorcycling. Selected and highly qualified professionals able to conceive, design and develop special components completely tailored to your bike. Imagine an award winning team of sporting excellence, united by a passion for technology, power, precision, speed and team spirit.

The unparalleled quality of the CNC RACING brand stems from this special synergy and from the amazing results of the track tests in the Superbike and MotoGP World Championships. Guarantee of extremely high performance, strength, reliability, lightness and design.

A DUCABIKE special part for the Ducati V4 Panigale.


DUCABIKE is synonymous for their passion for Ducati motorcycles. Motorcycles can be rich and precious designed by the owner based on ones own taste and requirements. DUCABIKE was born with this target. To create the best products in the market to make your Ducati your own.

DUCABIKE designs, develops, manufactures and markets its products, based on years of experience in road racing. Employing the best material and innovative technology to bring the best performing and most reliable products to the motorcycling world.

Ilmberger’s carbon fibre for the brand new 2020 BMW S1000RR.

Ilmberger Carbon

Since 1990 Ilmberger Carbon Fibre has been producing high-quality carbon fibre products, equaling OEM quality and sold through OEM accessory catalogs. Used by top international racers, Ilmberger Carbon Fibre products are the highest quality carbon fibre we have found, from the material itself, to the clear coat, to the way Ilmberger stands behind each product. We’re very proud to bring the full line of Ilmberger Carbon Fibre products to New Zealand. Whether you’re going racing, want to lose a few ounces, or are improving the appearance of your machine, Ilmberger carbon fibre is the best you can buy.

Ilmberger carbon fibre is TUV/ABE approved. That means that Ilmberger carbon fibre is the highest quality, and fits the best. Ilmberger is also the only carbon fibre manufacturer to use plastic powder coating on their parts. This finish is much more resistant to scratching than standard clear-coat finishes, blocks UV rays that can damage your carbon fibre over time, is a better base for painting, and improves the appearance of each part. Ilmberger Carbon Fibre parts are produced using autoclaves and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques like those used in Formula 1.

Original equipment on some top of the line BMW, MV Agusta, Aprilia, and Ducati machines. Beware of imitations, there is only one Ilmberger Carbon Fibre and we are your source for the real thing!