RSV4 ( From 2009) Tuono V4 (From 2011) Front Fender

RSV4 ( From 2009) Tuono V4 (From 2011) Front Fender


The front fender in carbon for the Aprilia RSV 4 (2009-present) / Tuono V4 (2011-present) replaces the original component using the original mounting points. The focus is on weight savings (usually saving about 70% compared to the original component) and higher rigidity. The carbon part was made completely from prepreg (see FAQ) material according to the latest guidelines in the autoclave and covered in the next step, as usual with us, to protect against environmental influences with a clear plastic coating.

This plastic coating exceeds the usual clear coat in the protective effect, scratch resistance and durability enormously. But not only technically can the coating score, but it also underscores the three-dimensional effect of the carbon structure again clearly.

This carbon part can be delivered at a surcharge of 10% in matt lacquered surface.

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