Steering plate AprilIa RSV4 inspired by 100% racing, the steering plate is made of Anticorodal aluminium alloy, machined from solid on CNC centres. A component that combines performance and lightness (about 100 grams less than the original).

The cuts on the plate have a usefulness that goes beyond the lightening and the resulting design: they are in fact made to make the plate more flexible and sensitive to lateral loads; this feature gives it an elasticity that allows it to better copy the contact of the wheel on the ground in curves, allowing the rider to have a better feeling on the front axle.

Maintaining the same profile developed by Aprilia makes it possible to keep the original "setting" unchanged and therefore have a greater chance of varying the extraction of the stems, which would be impossible if it were made with a cheaper "flat" profile.

Another detail, not insignificant for sports use, is the engraving of a vernier on the front of the bracelets, which allows you to always have a reference on the opening of the handlebars.

Once identified, the preferred driving setting can be easily reintegrated even after disassembly and reassembly of the front end.

Aesthetically it will definitely change the look of your bike, bringing it to the level of a real racing bike.

The plate is available in black colour (anodised), complete with stainless steel screws with a truncated cone head PROBOLT (official supplier of screws for most of the teams in the MotoGP and SBK world championship).

This plate does not allow the assembly of the original ignition lock, the road version is available.

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