RSV4 / Tuono V4 1100 2017 Onwards Rear Sets

RSV4 / Tuono V4 1100 2017 Onwards Rear Sets


SATO RACING Rear Sets for 2017-18 aprilia RSV4 and Tuono V4 models are precision CNC-machined from high strength billet aluminium, and anodised in your choice of Black, Silver (clear metal) or vivid Gold finish. This track-tested design provides 5 adjustable foot peg positions in a range that brings your feet progressively higher up and further back compared to stock, for a more aggressive riding position well-suited to the fast straights and steep lean angles encountered on the track.

2 versions of these Rear Sets are available: The standard Rear Sets have a stock shifting pattern, while the Reverse Shift Rear Sets provide a dedicated reverse (GP-style) shift pattern.

The shift and brake pedals use miniature double stainless bearings for smooth, precise lever action.  The black cylindrical part above the brake pedal can be rotated to adjust the rest height of the pedal.

Shift Pattern:
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